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Coeur Web Hosting Services

Coeur Web Hosting provides a service-oriented, trouble-free solution to your web hosting needs at a cost that is comparably lower than other managed web-hosts. And if you have a problem or need to make a change, you don’t have to be put on indefinite hold on the phone, and then struggle to understand the tech support….just call or email us and we’ll take care of your web-related needs. Our staff is experienced in both IT and web-design, and we can understand and solve your issues quickly, even if you think you can’t explain it very well.

What is Managed Web Hosting and Why do I Need it?

Most websites being created today are database driven and very complex under the hood. Whether they are created in WordPress or another platform, they use programming languages like PHP and SQL, and can accomplish just about any task asked of a website. The down side is, they require regular upkeep and constant updating, for security reasons as well as SEO (Search Engine Optimization). If you do not want to be involved in the day to day maintenance and regular updates needed to keep your site healthy, stable, and Google-friendly, you need managed web-hosting. When you choose Coeur managed web-hosting, you let experts take care of the details so you can focus on developing your business.

The Need for Speed

Because modern websites are complex, they require more power to load pages without delay. Web hosting is one important factor in determining page-load times. When web hosts cut costs by not investing in the latest technology, or by allowing too many websites on the same server, everything slows down. Coeur Web Hosting provides hosting on cloud servers that are up-to-date and optimized for speed, with technology that loads web pages faster than most competitors. We provide speedy service as well, providing the attention your website needs so you can forget about it and attend to what you do best.

How Do I Get Started?
Complete the form on this page and we will will contact you to answer any questions about hosting your website.
Are there Other Costs Involved?
The only other costs involved are optional.


  • For example, if your website has very high traffic volume,  i.e. over 10,000 visits monthly, you may want to switch to a higher level plan that will handle more visitors.
  • You may need to purchase one or more domain names if you don’t already have one. Domain names are $29.95 per year and include management, auto-renewal, DNS changes, etc.
Can You Help Obtain a Domain Name?
If you need help obtaining a domain name, we can purchase it for you, set up a schedule for auto-renewal, set up any emails you want to go with it and forward them if necessary, to another email address. We can help transfer an existing domain name as well, or make DNS alterations needed. Just let us know what you need or think you need, we’d love to help!
Are Content Edits Included in Hosting Cost ?
Your hosting fee does not cover content changes. We charge an hourly fee for edits to content, and can give you a quote before you agree to the work, so you have an idea of the cost ahead of time.

Questions about Hosting?

Contact us through this form.

Need A Webhost?

A good home for your new website is critical. You need a host that provides complete, accessible, and speedy service at a great value. Read more about Coeur Web Hosting managed services.

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